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Error 0x30001- Troubleshooting

If you're experiencing connection issues, and you see no recruits/money on the main menu, here are a few things you can try:

Making sure that you don't have any launch options in Steam:

  • Find HUNT: Showdown in Steam.
  • Right Click and select "Properties"
  • Click the "Set Launch options" button, and make sure that this field is completely clear.
  • Delete any/all commands or text you find here, and then try launching the game again.

Making sure that the following ports are available through your router for the HUNT: Showdown client:

  • UDP 20000-20099
  • TCP: 61088

Unfortunately since the exact method of doing this changes depending on hardware and configuration, it isn't possible to provide precise instructions on how to do this. We would recommend checking your router manual if you aren't sure. The TCP ports are required for the connection to the backend (game UI, main menu, etc), while the UDP ports are required for the connection between the client and the dedicated servers during gameplay.

Please also make sure that no firewall or antivirus software is blocking HUNT; generally, adding the HUNT: Showdown executables and folders to the antivirus exception lists is recommended. You can add an exception to windows firewall with the following steps (windows 10):

  • Open your start menu, and type "Allow an app through windows firewall". The relevant option should be displayed.
  • In the new window, select "Change settings" (requires admin rights), and then at the bottom of the window, select "Allow another app..."
  • Browse and locate the directory that you installed HUNT (by default, this should be \Steam\steamapps\common\Hunt Showdown
  • Add both "HUNT.exe" and "GameLauncher.exe" to the exceptions list.

And done! This will have added the necessary exceptions for Hunt to your firewall. Note that you may need to do this for your antivirus/any other firewall separately.

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